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Christmas charity Barrel Piano Appeal

Update - Appeal now closed we raised in excess £2400!!  Thanks to everyone who generously donated

St Austell Rotary Club’s Barrel Piano has been a familiar sight and sound in the pre-Christmas period in and around the local area for many years. The Club has used it to support its annual Christmas Collection, raising money to provide parcels of festive fare for the lonely and needy in the area, supporting the Foodbank and other local Rotary charities.

Sadly, this year, because of the pandemic, the barrel piano will not be making an appearance. The national Rotary organisation has issued guidance that face-to-face street collections should not take place, for the safety of both Rotarians and the public.

Consequently, the Rotary Club of St Austell will not be able to ask for donations in the usual way from its loyal and very generous supporters. Unfortunately, the need for such donations has not gone away in the period of lockdown and restrictions on our daily lives, and is in fact even greater, so the club has to try to raise funds in different ways.

We have therefore set up a JustGiving page as a way to receive donations safely online. We ask anyone who usually supports our Christmas Barrel Piano Collection to please donate via this Just Giving page. It can be reached by following this link:

It is very easy to give this way, using a debit or credit card.

By raising funds in this way, the Club will be able to continue with its normal charitable distribution, which is sorely needed in these difficult times. Christmas will be very different this year, with more people relying on help from the Foodbank and other organisations. The Rotary Club of St Austell is determined to continue to help as much as possible, and we ask for the local community to show its usual generosity in helping us to support those in need.

The Club wishes all its friends and supporters the merriest possible Christmas and a Happier New Year.

Best wishes, keep safe.

David Mackrell

Club President

Rotary Club of St. Austell