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Community service is at the heart of what we do locally, we are proactive in supporting clubs locally by providing manpower to help them run their events, you will find our members helping out weekly at the local Parkinsons and Memory clubs.  This is vital work in supporting the clubs and its members carryout the important role of support of those in need.

We are well known in the town and local area for our Christmas Music piano barrel that has been a feature since the 60’s.  We are very lucky that we are allowed by local supermarkets and businesses to play the music piano throughout December.  The monies raised are used to fund Christmas hampers that are given out by Rotarians visiting local OAP’s, surplus funds are used to further help those in need at the St Austell STAK and Food Bank.

In previous years in conjunction with the staff and students of Cornwall College St Austell Campus host a lunchtime dinner and entertainment for OAP’s, this is well supported and looked forward by local OAP’s.

We also look to help other organisations in the community, from building  a shed to helping in equipping support housing with specialist equipment and helping out at community events, such as marshalling at the annual Torchlight Procession and Round Table Banger Rally start.

Community service